How to girlboss 101 (2022) – Podcast

Produced by: GenW
Welcome to “How to Girlboss 101,” a down-to-earth and insightful video podcast series that takes you on a relatable journey through the lives of women thriving in diverse work environments. In each of the seven episodes, we roll up our sleeves and have candid conversations about the real-world experiences, challenges, and victories of women in teaching, business, IT, sports, politics, art, and lesser-known professions.

Join us as we sit down with these incredible women who have cracked the code to success in their fields. From the classroom to the corner office, from coding to kicking goals, and from the campaign trail to the canvas, we uncover the practical tips, hard-earned wisdom, and insider insights that have helped these women carve their unique paths.

In “How to Girlboss 101,” we ditch the drama and get right into the heart of the matter. No lofty ideals or over-the-top stories—just relatable narratives and advice from women who have navigated the ups and downs of their careers with grit and grace. Whether you’re a young professional looking for guidance, a seasoned worker seeking inspiration, or just someone curious about the diverse world of work, this podcast is your backstage pass to the everyday stories of extraordinary women.

So grab your coffee, put on your headphones, and get ready to learn, laugh, and be inspired by the real stories of women making their mark in a variety of fields. “How to Girlboss 101” is your go-to source for practical insights and relatable tales of empowerment, reminding us all that no matter where you are in your career journey, you have the potential to be a true girlboss in your own unique way.

This podcast is supported by Democracy Lab and Young Cities program. The opinions, findings and conclusions and recommendations presented here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Democracy Lab.

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