Feature Film

Proof (2020) – Feature Film

Proof (2020) – Feature Film     


A grandfather and his granddaughter remain locked in their basement during the bombing. Grandpa is an art professor and does not want to leave his books behind. Also, he cannot leave because his granddaughter is wheelchair bound, and must wait for her parents. After one week in the basement, Grandpa hears on the radio that they had killed the parents of the girl. Not willing to tell his granddaughter, he continues to stay in the basement and tell her “your mom and dad will be coming soon”.


NIL PRODUCTION  in Associations with IFILMS & LUMIERE 

PROOF – A Feature Written & Directed by  Mrika Krasniqi 

DOP: Iber Deari

Edited by: Avdi Thaçi

Sound: Anil Zogjani

Main Cast: 

Xhevat Limani & Liza Hoxha

Mirsad Abazi